Yeo Valley Gardens

Yeo Valley is a really exciting and different place to adventure for the whole family. You may have heard about their wonderful Organic Products but did you know visitors can explore and get lost in their magical gardens. There's so much to do here. The gardens will be enhanced this summer with over 70 sculptures from the South West Sculptors Group.

Set in six and half acres this exhibition will show a wide variety of sculptures in all areas of the garden.
There is a classical pond area and a wild and open gravel garden as well as the Haha with great views over Blagdon Lake.

The cafe and greenhouses will be showing more intimate works suitable for the home. The combination of these beautiful gardens and a mix of work sculptors will enhance your enjoyment of this quite unique place. The coffee and cakes are pretty good as well!! The gardens are open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 22nd June until mid October.
We suggest looking at the website to see how extensive a visit here can be for the whole family. See more