Tati Dennehy

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Artist’s Statement

I work mainly with ceramics, sometimes including natural materials and found objects and to create work that I hope is humorous, uplifting and tender.

I enjoy making sculpture of varying scale, from a mantelpiece keepsake to large works for a garden. My work strives to convey the joy, confusion, and sometimes sadness that is the human condition and our the constant comfort that can be found in our connection to nature. The work explores my fascination with the unconscious, our inner worlds of emotions, dreams and instinctual nature, interweaving the sacred and the hilarious.

I’m currently experimenting with small scale sculpture using moss and found objects and plants, and exploring using cold finishes, effectively paintings on the surface of the clay.

 I also teach classes and workshops in ceramics from my garden studio on the edge of Dartmoor.
studio visits by appointment welcome
Tati Dennehy
United Kingdom