Miguel Valentini

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Artist’s Statement

Life events, thoughts, views, feelings...

- Born in Tigre (Argentina).

- Happy childhood. Turbulent adolescence.

- Lots of travelling, seeing different cultures, ways of being.

- Encountering and being very influenced by Buddhist teachings and Shamanism.

- Finding new, unexpected realities, alternative angles to perceive the experience of life.

- Understanding art as just another way of expression and communication.

- Dance, riding/training horses, continuous contact with nature, physicality, photography, poetry, sculpture, drawing.

- With the only exception of horse riding, I have very little formal training/education in any of the branches of art that i explore.

- In sculpture, currently working almost exclusively in wood.

- Love trees, shapes, textures, simplicity, minimalism, wabi-sabi.

- Favourite sculptor: Mother Earth.

All enquiries welcome.