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Artist’s Statement

My practice ranges from abstract sculpture to painting, - sometimes exploring the interface between. Sculptural work spawns paintings, an interest in bending the picture plane, the addition of 3-D elements – and sculpture can be drawing in air.
Industrial and found elements interest me and I work mainly in metal, wood, ceramics, mixed media, often at large scale.

Two major themes informing my sculpture of late have been, firstly, the human aspiration to fly, its kinship with the creative impetus: “Drawing in Air”; “Towers to Fly From, Clouds to Look Down On”. Secondly, the journey and demise of a burnt boat. Her story is that of Everyman, and is both requiem and celebration.

The above themes embody my fascination with ancient cultures and early literature. My first degree encompassed Anglo Saxon and Old Norse literature and language. My practice encompasses the text-based.
Following a career in arts management and public art commissioning I gained a first class BA (Hons) in Fine Art.
Awards: Two Art College awards, including the Alastair Smart Sculpture Prize.

Sculpture Commission: Volvo (Scotland)
Arts Residencies: Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Cromarty Arts Trust (Resident Artist).

Exhibitions in many public and private galleries of artworks in both sculpture and painting
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