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Artist’s Statement

I create abstract biomorphic often sensuous forms by direct carving stone with traditional hand tools.  Many of my pieces have strong sensory qualities with light and touch. 

I first started carving in March 2015 when I attended a weekend stone carving course ran by Maria Moorhouse of Sculptworks. In the early days I experimented with different methods and types of stone whilst learning some valuable stone masonry skills.  I began to find a strong pull towards direct carving and let the form develop in the here and now relationship with the stone I am carving. 

I am influenced by natural forms, texture and light. The contours, forms and shapes found in nature have a deep often subconscious impact on my work.  Each piece I work with is a unique interaction where form grows and develops often becoming biomorphic.   I have particularly enjoyed the way alabaster can be finished with such strong sensuous qualities especially enhanced light and smoothness to touch.

I live in South Devon where the landscape is defined by tidal rivers, the sea, rolling hills and ancient woodland. Plenty of opportunity to be immersed in the naturally made forms of the land carved out by river and sea.