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Artist’s Statement

Born in Paris France, my early years were influenced by the bohemian. Growing up in London I was surrounded by antiques, arte-facts and objets d’art that coloured my mind and gave me a life long love and appreciation for old and new art forms. Wood & stone

Following my heartI studied at the RA affiliated school – City and Guilds of London Art School in the 1980’s furthering my desire to gain technical knowledge in art, mainly in sculpture through carving and the medieval processes of colouration.
Having begun this quest, I explore different media and techniques whilst grounding my research in life-drawing which I also teach.

My carvings are drawn from the figure, where I wish to describe the very soul in our human embodiment. It is important to me now to dispense with technique alone, and move towards a freer, more intuitive response to my subjects.
All enquiries welcome. If you’d like to get in touch, drop me an email and we can discuss any ideas or questions you may have.
The Old Hall, Church street,
South Brent,
TQ10 9AQ