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In 2016, a member of the South West Sculptors, Martin Staniforth, responded to the fire that destroyed historic buildings overlooking the Exeter Cathedral green. There he sited a sculpture, fabricated from burnt wood, that stood defiantly, wing-like in a spirit of rebirth. This sowed the seed for a group show that will explore the themes of vulnerability, courage and growth in 2021.

Exeter Cathedral is an environment rich in its accumulation of sculpture over past decades. Even before we install our work, the theme of Density & Lightness is already present in carved tombstones, eagles on lecterns and the soaring stone structure of the Cathedral itself.

Watch this space for more details and associated events including a soundscape commissioned as part of one of the installations, a piano recital linked to another installation, contemporary dance performances, guided tours and interactive events for all.
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Dates: 12th June - Mon 30th Aug 2021

Location: Exeter Cathedral