David Newman

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Artist’s Statement

When I began stone sculpture I carved mostly in an experimental way, working into the stone and assessing the form as I progressed, and changing course if a new more exciting possibility arose. My interest now is in geometric and natural forms, and the connection between them. My work does have an element of randomness, reflecting that of nature.

I like the idea of a piece of sculpture being something to be explored, the forms being both tactile and visually interesting. I am keen to find new ways of working and try to push my designs in new directions. I am currently working in Kilkenny limestone and will soon start on local granite.

The stone that I use has a sense of history, indicated by fossils within it from another time.

I was given a private commission for a stone ring in quartzite and stainless steel. It was technically challenging, and the client and I were both happy with the result.

Wildlife conservation is important to me, living high on Dartmoor, surrounded by abundant and largely unspoilt flora and fauna. The detail of a butterfly egg is referenced in one of my pieces (Ovum 1).
Visits by appointment.
Holwell Cottage, 
Widecombe in the Moor, 
Newton Abbot, Devon, 
TQ13 7TT.