Anne-Marie Moss

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Artist’s Statement

Some of my work is based on the human condition , my themes are inspired by parenthood ,family also male and female relationships. 

More recently I have explored how musicians express themselves through their chosen instrument thus challenging me to create more hard edged man made forms within the carving, my aim is to infuse the sculpture with expression and meaning. 

My ideas are carved in local stones; Polyphant, Portland, Bath, Beer and more recently alabaster and marble. Scale varies from small indoor table top pieces to site specific outdoor sculptures. 

I also work directly in stone these sculptures lean more towards organic abstract forms and are often inspired by natural form ie seed pods and buds these works are often commenced without preconceived ideas and developed with the natural shape of the rock.

I am available for commissions and can work collaboratively with clients and run informal classes in sculpture from my Buckfastleigh studio.
All enquiries welcome. If you’d like to get in touch, drop me an email and we can discuss any ideas or questions you may have.