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Artist’s Statement

…the moment is always disappearing…so for myself recovering these moments is about an approximation…of something that’s gone visually or sensually..  how we reclaim things and how this takes on a physicality” Phyllida Barlow. An Age of Fallen Monuments. 2014.
Working initially in clay or wax, my sculpture is predominately figurative.  In the round, with a life model, handling clay, wax or plaster & scrim, I find that sculpting is infinitely fascinating, complex & challenging. Whilst being deeply engaged in observation I enjoy the sensuous, soothing experience of using my hands in a state of haptic perception. Different materials elicit a range of emotional responses and require different skills. They open a door within my imagination and creativity leading to self expression and connection. 
Studying life forms brings me into connection with their aliveness and presence. While sculpting, I feel empowered - audaciously daring to take up space. It is a denial of death, of loss and a means of rebirth…while reaching out to others…. a means to celebrate life, face mortality and hopefully to leave something good. 
I am particularly pleased with my life size figure “Serenity”. Originally created as a machete within a small group of sculptors tutored in my studio, the special atmosphere became an epiphany moment for me - I had truly found my bliss!
All enquiries welcome. If you’d like to get in touch, drop me an email and we can discuss any ideas or questions you may have.