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When I was  doing a Foundation course at Folkestone I was invited to lunch with Henry Moore at his studio. Coming back, fired with enthusiasm that I would be a sculptor, I started a large Moore - like piece. My tutor suggested that it be moved to the lean-to outside the sculpture studio before it got too large to move. 

I went on the Easter break, and, returning to finish the piece................ found that the bin men had taken it to the tip as they thought it was rubbish! - I became a photographer – it’s taken me a lifetime before returning to 3D.

A friend gave me some broken toys for one of my still life photographs, and I decided to use them as sculpture rather than still life. Influenced by Roland Emmett and Michael Ayrton (I’d always loved his Minotaurs) I created the MINOTAUR series - made of recycled toys, vacuum cleaner bits, car engine parts and the like. How ECO can you get?

Every piece I finish  becomes the favourite until the next one. I’ve exhibited and sold to private collections, at the Bath Society of Artists and the Sculpture Park in Surrey and welcome any enquiries.

All my qualifications are art based so possibly relevant:-
Happy to have studio visits, by appointment.
31 Redland Grove, Bristol BS6 6PR