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Artist’s Statement

My first encounter with woodcarving was at the age of 10 in school. Carving wood is always a meeting and a conversation with the unique quality of each piece. Of the many materials and techniques I have used, woodcarving has become the focus of my sculpture work.

Studying and observing the natural forms in plant, animal, mineral and landscape are my inspiration. I am looking for archetypal, pure form to inspire my artistic journey.

I strive to create harmonious, beautiful and pure forms to be experienced by the observer. The beautiful sights of nature make us feel well, strong and happy and I aim for the same dynamic in my art.

A training in child development was followed by a puppetry training involving the carving and construction of marionettes, before moving to England in the 1980’s to study sculpture at Emerson College in Sussex. Teaching three dimensional arts and crafts in a school in Devon for many years has grounded me in my love for teaching and the experience of form.

Courses and weekly classes are regular events in my Buckfastleigh Studio.
By appointment. Please drop me an email or text 
Buckfastleigh TQ11 0DB