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Artist’s Statement

The sculptures I make come about through cutting, joining and arranging repeated elements. The structures, patterns and volumes assembled from these processes resonate with their locations and viewers. 

A clarity of process and construction enables me to playfully explore making light hearted and serious work. Cascade’ (installed as part of Wells Art Contemporary 2022), is an open lattice of interlocking slate planes that climb, contrast and mimic the masonry of an ancient monument. 

Over my thirty years of practice I have come to see the making of sculpture as emerging from an essential need for humanity to attempt to mark our place on the earth: simultaneously resisting and acknowledging the flow of time. The perilous moment we find ourselves in has increasingly become a powerful driver and informs my applications of reused materials, such as roof slates and cartons which have a low embedded energy. 

Since leaving the RCA  in 1990 I have successfully completed numerous public and private commissions, many of which have involved practical workshops that enabled the direct participation of the public. A recent move to Devon presents a welcome opportunity to extend my work into new sites and engage with an expanded community.
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