Luke Tupper

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Artist’s Statement

I create sculptures primarily in metal. Working day to day as a qualified welder and fabricator, the material is a part of my everyday life.

In 2014 I graduated  from Bath school of Art and Design with a degree in Fine Art Sculpture. This is where my passion for working with metal began. I have always drawn to three-dimensional art and especially the power and presence of contemporary sculpture.

I have a background in making contemporary sculpture for prominent artists, training with some of the worlds most prominent experts in sculpture fabrication. I developed a specialized skill set that I continue to use today and that heavily informs my practice.

My work draws  from every aspect of my life but my main interest focuses on the contrast between human social and mental constructs and the natural world. I try to convey both deep connection and contemplation of our existence.

The studio is not open to visits at this time.
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