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Artist’s Statement

Commissioning a bronze portrait sculpture creates a prestigious art work and an enduring presence of the sitter. Ensuring memories last forever.

Last year the South West Academy of Arts (SWAc) awarded me as an Academician for my portrait sculpture.

Clients include:

National Museum of Wales
National Library of Wales
Mary Rose Museum
University Chicago Booth
Billy Connolly
Christopher Biggins
Exeter University
Cardiff University
Floella Benjamin

My work is represented throughout the UK and Overseas

My work stands out as I use rare skills. These were learned in Nepal. In 1987 I was awwarded a Welsh Arts Council MasterClass Grant to undertake Bronze Casting with Ratna Jyoti Shakya in Kathmandu.

Ratna's father made work for the Dalai Lama. He taught me "double modelling". A technique I have never seen used in the west. This brings out the vitality through extreme clarity in the casting procedure. I have modified and developed this and now apply it to all my work giving stunning results.

My clients say it better than myself...

"You have done an amazing job of capturing Aram. It's a wonderful piece of work. You have really captured his serenity, warmth and dignity. It has brought a great resurgence of memories and feelings back and it brought tears to my eyes. I'm so glad I found you."

David Kennedy - Hebden Bridge


"Most days I can be reached in my studio. If you have to leave a message I will promptly reply. I enjoy visitors at my studio, please call or email to make arrangements"


Luke Shepherd
Holne Cross, 
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