Jim Dewar

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Artist’s Statement

I'm influenced by many well-established sculptors but have yet to find works as I envisage my pieces. Living in the South Hams provides added stimulus to explore the forms created by nature, both rural and coastal, and develop them. Finally, meeting and working along-side other artists constantly inspires and encourages me to review my work, the materials and processes I use.

I work in all art mediums but primarily in 3D forms. Typical materials are ceramic, plaster, stone, wood, plastics and metal. I’m impressed by scale and my sculpture is created with scale in mind but (in)formed through a maquette to confirm the work will 'be' as conceived.

This is especially true of my Ballet Duet series where I’m striving to combine the dynamic of balance and movement that then captures the energy and form of dance; space held for a moment in time. The role of each figure is key, and their interdependence crucial, to the piece as a whole.

As a professional engineer and manager, I came to art late in life. To date I have not exhibited my work widely, but, as my body of work grows, I’m now seeking wider interaction with artists and the public.

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