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Artist’s Statement

My current practice lies in creating small-scale 3D sculptural assemblages, both wall-mounted and freestanding, using coloured paper and card and sometimes incorporating found natural materials. 

These have developed over many years from using photography and photocollage, which over time developed into sculptural low relief works. These new works are abstract, using the inherent nature of folded and cut paper to form sculptural assemblages, usually without external reference.

My early interest in ceramics and glass (put to the test in a course in 3D design at the West Surry College of Art and Design in the 1990s) has allowed me to develop a new language involving abstract yet dynamic and fluid ways of utilising form, pattern, colour and composition. 

These works explore the inherent qualities of paper as a unique sculptural material with its own particular expressive possibilities, and celebrate the dynamics and intricacies of the making process itself. They inhabit space in new ways, challenging expectations.
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