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Artist’s Statement

I have found as an animal figurative sculptor and artist specializing in horses, it is very challenging to find new material and ideas, and at the same time, hopefully excite the ART world with my work.

I have tried many different mediums to work in, from ceramic to driftwood, concrete, hessian and scrap iron; they all have their unique challenges. At present I am combining several different mediums together.

I have won many awards and had several large commissions, although I specialize in horses, I can turn my hand to almost anything.

My latest commission was a Chinese fish fountain for The Burgh Island Hotel Devon 2020.

I am the first one to agree that certain types of ‘Modern’ art have a place in the community. However Figurative ‘Art’ also has its place. It appears that most people enjoy this style of art, as they can relate to it, and in most cases they are stimulated by the experience. 

I have had the pleasure of exhibiting my work all over the world, and it was very pleasing to see the enjoyment and inspiration that people found when visiting my exhibitions.
All enquiries welcome. If you’d like to get in touch, drop me an email and we can discuss any ideas or questions you may have.
Lodge 1 
High Bullen
Barbrook Lynton