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Artist’s Statement

I work on two main themes, the female form and responses to organic natural forms such as shells, rocks and bones. These themes are linked by the processes of abstraction and by my intuitive reactions to curves and movement in forms.

As a woman, my figures are made from a lived perspective. I live in my inspiration, with my own body acting as the reference point for my work. I work from an internalised, subjective knowledge, rather than from an external objective position, as a man must. And as a keen gardener and lover of the coast where I live, my abstracts and female forms embody these experiences too. Its all a form of self portraiture.

I work in clay  and fire the work for permanence, using slips and oxides on the textured surfaces. Most of the sculptures, and especially the larger ones, are appropriate for the garden. I have exhibited extensively across the south west and have been awarded two prizes by SWAC (in 2013 and 2020).

After a first  degree in sculpture 100 years ago, followed by a busy career in teaching and academia, I am now very happy indeed to explore where the work takes me.

Studio and sculpture garden visits can be arranged with pleasure.