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Artist’s Statement

My passion is clay. In a world that loves to categorise and label people by their skills and professions I how found that ‘Ceramic Artist’ is the label that is hung around my neck. Yes I am a potter, ceramist, artist, constructor, technician but also so much more.

My preferred work falls into the category of ‘Sculptor’ so I guess the label needs to be bigger. 

Working with clay is said to be one of the easier medium to sculpt due to its malleability but this benefit is offset with the issues around drying, shrinking and the unpredictability of firing. It’s this uncertainty that I thrive on, turning something as organic and natural as clay into a finished form.

My work is inspired Space, Early Technology, and Victorian Industrial design mixed with gothic and Celtic art. Some people say my style is very graphical this may be true as I was Graphic Designer for 30 years. This commercial experience has given me a great understanding of how to work with potential clients so I’m always happy to take on commissions. 

In fact one of my favourite pieces was a commission for a garden piece for a Japanese garden featuring a carved dragon and carp plus Japanese characters.
Visitors are very welcome to visit the studio but would suggest calling before as parking can be a problem.
The Studio
1 Lynway Cottages
EX35 6BA