Deborah Stevens

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Artist’s Statement

I am a Somerset born Sculptor and Pottery teacher who lives in Wellington at the foot of The Blackdown Hills.

Almost twenty-five years ago I found clay, or clay found me…I am not sure which, and I have poured all my creative passion into making pots and figurative, sometimes abstract form sculptures ever since. I work in clay, and more recently in Bronze as well.

The human form  and those links to shapes that you find everywhere in nature has always fascinated me and I see it every day when I walk the nearby hills and forests with my beautiful dog, Nala. I love the tactile experience of transforming the ‘earth below me’ into something tangible and beautiful so it can be appreciated in a new way.

Alongside my art, I have also been working in the healing field for thirty or so years, offering Aromatherapy massage, Reiki healing and Chakra balancing.

If I were to be asked what are my sculptures really about? I would say. My work merges the therapies I offer by bringing the formless into form. I have been told that there is a feeling that each one has captured positive, healing energy as they were created, which can really be appreciated when beholding them. They have to be seen and touched to be appreciated for their ability to slow the mind, to sit and meditate by.

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