Dan Cordell 

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Artist’s Statement

Many of my current pieces form part of a larger body of work I refer to as ‘Dwellings’.

These ‘Dwellings’ are born from my fascination for architecture. I’m not drawn to architecture of any particular period but more the feelings that buildings evoke.

As a sculptor, I feel I’m almost recreating the same mass and function of a building. Making enclosures for protecting and hiding.

I deliberately carve my buildings in a rough and unsymmetrical way. I feel this sketchy appearance better describes my fondness for old buildings that wear their signs of use, weathering, repair and extension.

When I carve groups of buildings they evolve, like a sketch, without a fixed plan. One just fits in or joins another. Just how many settlements evolve over time.

Their huddling together also creates a tapestry of roof tops and leaves curious alleyways. 

When I carve, I focus on the forms that emerge, textures that hint at the construction and dark shadows that punch deep into the buildings. 

Much of the feelings I express, have been collected during many years of travelling to different cultures around the world, particularly Morocco and South East Asia.