Red Anvil School of Blacksmithing

Richard Bent
Mild steel
£110.00 - £200.00
Red Anvil Forge, Halwell

The Red Anvil School of Blacksmithing educational courses, give beginners and experts alike, an opportunity to work in a modern 21st century blacksmith’s workshop, at Red Anvil Forge.

The courses are run by Richard Bent, a full-time professional blacksmith, who designs and makes a wide range of commissions for home and garden. With the opportunity to heat metal in a coal fire, to soften the metal, generally steel, then hammer that metal into shape with a hammer on a traditional anvil, is an experience of a life-time.

After a short demonstration by Richard, students are invited to copy the skills they have just been shown, to make their first piece of the day. Whilst this is a course restricted to just five students, the tuition is given on the basis of one-to-one.

The workplace is very well arranged with each student having their own fire, anvil, hammers and tongs. Not all of the tasks are performed solely by hand, heavier tasks might provide the opportunity, to use some of the air driven power hammers, or maybe squeezing some hot metal into shape on the hydraulic press. Each student has the space and time to work all day, to experience the reality of working as blacksmiths have done for generations.