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Artist’s Statement

My carvings are in stone (Ancaster, Portland, marble and Polyphant) but I also use woods (oak, mahogany, yew, maple and ash) and mild steel. I use abstract themes taking inspiration from the natural environment and human forms. The work is suitable for both gardens and indoors. 

The sculpture explores notions of time and connections with the land. I have lived and worked in Africa and Asia and absorb their influences into my work. I strive for simplicity, balance and beauty often drawing on nature and organic materials working from sketches and maquettes for the final form. 

My goal is to leave room for the viewer to make their own personal interpretation. I live in Great Elm near Frome and moved from Manchester just a couple of years ago. I have exhibited in London, Manchester, Stockport and Nigeria. My work is in private collections both in the UK and abroad.

I am particularly proud of a work called “Wriggle” which is carved from Portland Stone and has found a place in our garden. For me this sculpture incorporates elements of a primitive being with inter-connected parts that undulate across ancient sea-beds. The Jurassic shells that can be seen in the stone add to its memory and weight.

Colin’s work is on view at his studio near Frome.
All enquiries welcome. If you’d like to get in touch, send me an email.